COVID-19 Updates


Valley Trails Summer Camp is enrolling for the summer of 2020!

We will be following the guidance of the American Camp Association (ACA) and will be following the Field Guide produced by Environmental Health & Engineering.  These best practices and guidance will allow us to offer small, consistent groups with the same campers and leaders for 5-day per week programs.  By following this guidance, our campers will be able to socialize, play, create friendships, and be kids! 

Our facilities staff will be performing enhanced sanitization of our program all day long, and our campers will be washing their hands more this summer than ever before.  Our new procedures and guidelines will allow Valley Trails Summer Camp to provide what our camper need more than ever, which is normalcy.  All of our activities areas will be open (except for our rock wall, due to sanitizing needs). 

At our Tarzana location, we will be offering our exciting Specialty Camps:

  • Jr. Chef
  • Dance Camp
  • Cheer Camp
  • Academic Academy

Please call our camp office with any questions at 661.257.0266.

Space is limited as our group sizes and ratios are limited.  Enroll today!


Letter Sent To Families 5/11/20



This summer, Valley Trails Summer Camp will offer 5-day per week options to ensure a closed circle within the group. This will limit the opportunity of community spread, while providing an even better opportunity to create strong friendships, bonds, and camaraderie within the group Group sizes will be limited to 11 or fewer campers with the same group leader, while maintaining a maximum 1:8 ratio.
Campers who are in good health will be available to attend Valley Trails Summer Camp. Campers, or campers with family member’s who are medical vulnerable should not attend camp until treatments and immunizations are available.
• People aged 60 and older
• People with weakened immune systems due to chronic illness or medications, including people with autoimmune disease or transplants who are taking immunosuppressive drugs, people with AIDS
• People with serious long-term health conditions including diabetes, heart disease and lung disease such as emphysema and moderate asthma
• Pregnancy (Note: There is currently no evidence that pregnant women are at higher risk of contracting Covid-19 or developing severe illness from it, but we advise extra caution as pregnant women are more susceptible to many viral infections)
We are adding additional hand-washing stations throughout camp. The opportunity for hand-washing will be a priority, and our campers will be experts in no time.
We will stagger our lunch periods for our groups this summer, providing more space for each camper to enjoy their meal. Camper will not be allowed to share any food or snacks brought to camp to limit any community share, as well as to limit any exposures due to food allergies.
We plan to swim and utilize our pools as we always have this summer. Studies have shown that the chlorine / sanitizing agents present in the pools kills the COVID-19 virus on contact, and does not create any additional opportunity for the spread of the virus. We will stagger our swim periods more this summer, and will limit the number of campers in the pool to create more space, and to allow social distancing in the pool.
Campers will be required to wear their swimsuits to camp this summer. This will minimize the amount of time required for changing, and time spent in our changing rooms. Our male campers will also be encouraged to wear their swimsuit as their shorts (which will also cut down on camp lost and found).
Campers will be required to have a refillable water bottle (labeled with their name on it) as drinking fountains will only be used to re-fill water bottles. We will also be supplying additional water station throughout camp to re-fill water bottles throughout the day.
Screening measures will be created and enforced to ensure the safety of our campers, staff, and families. These measures will follow the guidance of the CDC and the LACDPH
Valley Trails Summer Camp will go under thorough sanitizing by a professional and trained cleaning service nightly. Throughout the camp day, additional cleaning and sanitizing will occur using approved and appropriate sanitizers.
To limit the community spread we will not allow any parents or visitors at camp this summer
We are working on establishing new sign out procedures to limit the contact with our families and staff, and to limit the amount of contact and shared devices. More information will follow shortly.
Since we will be operating a 5-day per week program this summer, we will not be offering any make-up days.
If you choose to cancel your registration for the summer of 2020, we will roll your deposit over for the summer of 2021.
Due to the guidelines provided by the American Camp Association, Valley Trails Summer Camp will not be offering transportation for the summer of 2020. Unfortunately there would be no reduction in fees, just as it has been in the past when families chose not to use our bus program.
Valley Trails Summer Camp will be offering extended camp from 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Valley Trails Summer Camp will still operate our general store. However, this summer we will operate cashless. Parents can deposit funds into their camper’s account to be sued during their camp experience. Any unused funds will be applied towards our campership funds.
Campers that require additional assistance with the use of a para-professional or a “shadow” will be unable to attend Valley Trails Summer Camp during the summer of 2020. We are required to limit to overall group size, and ensure that there is consistency within the “closed” group of campers and leaders.