The Importance Of Being An ACA Accredited Summer Camp

Parents send their children to ACA accredited summer camps during the day for several reasons. First, they need someone to look after their children while they're at work. Second, parents want to know that their children are safe and in the care of qualified individuals. Lastly, parents send their children to a summer camp to continue their education when school is out. But what is an ACA accredited camp like Valley Trails, and why does it matter that you send your kids to one?

What is an ACA Accredited camp?

When a camp has American Camp Association (ACA) accreditation, it has undergone a quality check. In addition, a peer review of the camp, its environment, facilities, employees, and their skills and qualifications takes place. Typically, this peer review is undertaken by professionals from organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics. In addition, other peer reviewers are sourced from the American Red Cross and other agencies tasked with caring for the youth. This review aims to ensure that the camp applies current camp operating techniques based on research. These peer reviews also help ensure that the summer camp offers children a place that supports their growth and fun in a safe environment.

What can parents expect from an ACA camp?

Every parent wants the assurance that summer camp personnel will act in the best interests of their child. They also want to know that the ACA activities will benefit their children while temporarily in their care. Here are several benefits that parents and their children can expect from an ACA accredited summer camp:
  • Learning and physical activities that are healthy and align with your child's age and development level
  • Activities that challenge your children's curiosity and sense of discovery that enjoys the support of experiential education
  • Skilled, qualified role models who provide services with care and compassion
  • Support of personal growth and potential leadership skills for your children
  • ACA summer camps that offer a service to the environment and community

Why is it vital to choose an ACA accredited camp for your child?

Although an ACA accredited camp does not require state licensing, it holds similar weight in legal courts as a licensed camp. As a result, parents have the assurance that the court recognizes an ACA accreditation camp as a safe place for children. You can also have confidence that government regulators recognize the facility as meeting camp community standards. Due to the accreditation standards of ACA accredited summer camps, it's vital to select one of these facilities for your children. The benefits of this decision include:
  • All ACA accredited summer camp employees undergo initial screening for skills, qualifications, and reference checks.
  • All employees undergo criminal checks, which benefits your child's safety.
  • Employees are subjected to a National Sex Offender check.
  • Staff members voluntarily submit to a yearly disclosure statement.
These checks apply to temporary and permanent employees, which add to the summer camp's safety, giving parents valuable peace of mind. Additionally, parents will enjoy other benefits of the ACA accredited camp, such as:
  • Child age group and appropriate staff ratios
  • Staff training to reduce one on one interaction
  • Camp activities that are based on child development goals
  • Staff training that is appropriate for program leadership
  • 24/7/365 emergency transportation
  • First-aid skills and equipment with trained staff availability when children are present at the summer camp
These benefits point to why parents need to the importance of ACA summer camps. Your child's safety is always at the forefront at our camp, along with age-appropriate activities and staff who lead programs suitable for their age and development level. Choose Valley Trails as your ACA summer camp to provide your child with the best care when you need it the most.