What to Keep in mind for First-Time Campers

Summer camps like Valley Trails are a popular activity for children to make the most of their summer. When it comes to making the right choice for a summer camp, there is much to consider for first-time campers. Most children transition easily into time at summer camp. Likewise, the type of camp you choose makes a big impact on how they adjust. So how do you choose the right summer camp? We are narrowing down the factors to keep in mind below for your first-time camper!

Choosing the Right Summer Camp

Once you're sure that your child is enthusiastic and ready for summer camp, start your search for camps. Camps that are accredited like Valley Trails are best suited not only because we are required to adhere to strict health and safety standards, but we must also have quality programs. Where possible, try and speak to camp representatives to get a sense of what the camp offers. Day camp is a great option for kids who aren't ready or interested in sleep-away camp. Luckily for you, Valley Trails is a day camp with two locations in the valley, in Santa Clarita and Tarzana. Summer camps may be traditional or specialty. Specialty camps are based on specific activities or themes like arts or sports. Traditional camps offer broad experiences that typically blend outdoor events, sports, arts & crafts, and more. At Valley Trails, we offer a traditional camp experience fused with fun and 21st-century learning. Once you settle on a suitable option, narrow down on camps that match your child's personality, interests, and unique needs. Consider the camp's philosophy, which may emphasize cooperation or competition. A structured setting may be suitable if your child does well on a tight schedule. If you want to expose your child to many activities and skills, a traditional summer camp is a good option.    Another tip for first-time campers: If it's your child's first time experiencing summer camp, try and arrange for one of your child's close friends to attend the same camp.

Making the Final Decision

You now have a shortlist. Reach out to the camp representative to find out important things, including:
  • The educational and career background of the camp staff
  • The camp's accreditation status
  • The camp's guiding philosophy
  • The counselor training program
  • The camper to counselor ratio
  • The camp staff turnover each year
  • The camp's health and safety policies
Tour the camp and, if possible, take your child along. Trust your instincts and choose a camp to which you feel comfortable entrusting the care of your child.