Why Summer Camp is A Great Way To Make New Friends

It is well known that children thrive when they are able to develop lasting friendships with other kids in their age group. Making new friends teaches children improved social skills and empathy, and it makes them feel like they belong to a group. When a child makes new friends at summer camp, the bonds they establish can last many years, in some cases, well into adulthood. But why is summer camp such a great way for making new friends? Read on and find out.

Summer camp provides personal interaction

In this day and age in which technology permeates every aspect of children's lives, being able to interact face to face with other children is priceless. Summer camp allows kids to act freely without the pressure of social media and the distraction that phones and other devices can represent. This allows them to make new friends and create genuine bonds that can last a lifetime.

Sharing achievements with Friends

One of the biggest lessons children learn in summer camp is teamwork. Whether it's winning at a game of catch or learning to survive a night in the wild, kids must step out of their comfort zones to learn how to be part of a group with a fixed goal in mind. These experiences are shared with others in the group which helps the development of a stronger friendships than just hanging out at school.

Creating traditions

Summer camp offers a wide range of traditions and themes that give children an opportunity to bond over something they are a part of while others aren't. Whether it be a bonfire, a special salute, or a traditional event, the ability to experience these traditions with their new friends is what keeps kids bonded even after camp is over for the year.

A whole new world for kids

One of the first things kids will discover at summer camp, especially when their only social interactions involve children of similar conditions, is the diversity of origins, backgrounds, and upbringing of other children their age. This gives them a wonderful opportunity to learn about equality and respect for others. The strongest friendships are based on respect, which is why, when children learn about how diverse other children are and show their respect for their differences, they can make new friends with ease.

Common interests with Friends

Nothing opens the door to friendship more than a common interest can. Being able to talk to others about things they love is something that will create long-lasting bonds among kids. Whether it's dinosaurs, space, geology, or any subject a child considers to be special, finding somebody they can talk to and discuss with about it is possibly one of the best experiences they will ever have. This, together with everything else, will allow a child to explore new points of view, and other ideas, and establish a point in which a friendship can form, something that will keep them coming back year after year while keeping in touch during the months in which camp is not in session.