How Summer Camp Helps Your Child Build Resiliency

Learning how to handle life's challenges healthily and recover quickly from any setback is an essential life skill. Likewise, resiliency is a character trait that is best introduced early on. Doing so allows your child to develop positive habits.  Summer camp is the perfect opportunity for young children to begin to learn resiliency. They are thrust into a new environment filled with new friends and fun activities. This is an excellent balance to start to teach essential skills and behaviors.

Developmental Advantages of Summer Camp

It's all too common for a young child to internalize any instance of bullying or low self-esteem. This can lead to timid, angry kids failing to succeed or isolating themselves from their peers. Learning how to bounce back from negative experiences can help your child overcome this. Furthermore, becoming more resilient and tough helps all children succeed. Summer camp introduces smaller amounts of stress and anxiety.  It also offers structure and support to learn how to cope. This helps to boosts confidence and wellbeing. Above all, with encouragement from peers and counselors, campers rise above difficulties. Additionally, they learn to take small, healthy risks to grow emotionally and socially. They start to see past perceived failures and mistakes by learning from them and trying harder in the future.

Activities and Experiences that Build Resiliency

Sometimes the best thing for a child is some fresh air and physical activity. Summer camp allows them to be active outside in nature. Moving the body builds both physical resiliency and mental and emotional capabilities. The social experience of camp is another great feature. The fair treatment of all campers means that everyone is considered equal. This allows them to build a group dynamic where they all feel they belong. The freedom and control to select which activities to do during free time is another excellent benefit. The kids start to become more self-reliant and discover their sense of identity while learning about their talents. Time spent at summer camp can be a fantastic opportunity for any child to learn resiliency. Likewise, it's a chance for them to begin to learn how to be more responsible. Camp also does an excellent job of encouraging campers to be open-minded and excited about new activities they may find great joy in.   Find out more about how a summertime adventure at Valley Trails Summer Camp can be a memorable time filled with friends, laughter, and an increased sense of self-worth.