Our 10 Favorite Camp Sing-Alongs

One of the best parts of summer camp trips with kids is coming together and singing camp sing-alongs. This summer camp tradition serves as an excellent bonding exercise, not to mention it's just pure fun! Here are our top ten favorite campfire songs for kids you can sing to inspire and entertain kids:

1. The Green Grass Grew All-Around

This is one of our favorite camp sing-alongs that's interesting to sing with kids around a campfire. It builds on itself as it focuses on the details of the tree. It's an excellent song for the outdoors since it encourages children to be keen on their surroundings. You can use it to teach kids to be curious and observant.

2. Ants Go Marching

‘'Ants go marching'' is an excellent singalong for any outdoor retreat. It's even more impressive if you're camping out with kids who are just learning to count. It's a great way to help them work on their counting skills.

3. Home on the Range

‘'Home on the Range'' is a great classic song for outdoor activities, such as camping. It tells the story of cowboys and pioneers from the old American west. Kids may find it funny, especially if you try to warble the words out and sing like a cowboy. However you choose to sing it when it comes to camp sing-alongs, 'Home on the Range' is certainly a classic.

4. Stand By Me

This is one of the classic camp singalongs that's family-friendly and fun to sing. It's easy to follow along, which means you can teach kids to hum along. Having a guitar can make it even more enjoyable.

5. She'll be coming round the mountain

This is a song from the 1920s, so it's certainly one of the more nostalgic camp sing-alongs. Thanks to the simple and repetitive lyrics, kids can easily sing along. It has a fine-tune, and you can add your motions to make it livelier. Playing the guitar as you sing can give it a whole new and better experience.

6. Camp Granada

Camp Granada is a novelty song performed by Allan Sherman in 1963. It tells a story of a young camper trying to convince his parents to return home. Though it may take time teaching your kids, it's a great song to let your kids know the benefits of camping.

7. Boom Chika Boom

Boom Chika Boom is one of the silly campfire songs you can sing along with kids around the fire. It has nonsensical lyrics, which is a great way to have fun with young children. It is a family-friendly song, and it's effortless to get the lyrics since it's repetitive.

8. Ain't no bugs on me

Ain't no bugs on me is a great campfire song since it relates to the outdoors. It's a way to add to the camping experience of children, especially since you're likely to get pesky bugs while in the outdoors.

9. Kookaburra

This is an Australian song, but it's also sung in America and worldwide. It's a catchy song that will have children laughing at the unfamiliar words of the song. It's an opportunity to teach kids about the different insects and animals in various environments.

10. B-I-N-G-O

Finally, you can sing along the B-I-N-G-O song. It's a family-friendly song and one that all kids probably know. You can clap and sing along the lyrics. Make summer camp for your kids exciting and worth remembering by singing the above simple campfire songs as you gather around the campfire.