Our Favorite Family-Friendly Hiking Trails

Sending your kids to summer camp is a phenomenal opportunity. At summer camp they are able to develop their minds, appreciate nature, and grow their confidence. Although this is a great opportunity, it only occurs during a limited period of the year. If you're at a loss for how to get the same benefits throughout the rest of the year, family-friendly hiking would be a phenomenal option for you and your family.

Benefits of hiking

Hiking trails are a great opportunity for you to plan a unique adventure. They provide the perfect setting that everyone can enjoy and remember while improving their physical health. While out on hiking trails with your kids there will also be many opportunities for teaching moments, problem-solving, and group participation. This is really good for small children to encourage cooperation and understand different inputs and opinions throughout their lives. The Tarzana and Santa Clarita, CA area is ripe with opportunities for your family to bond with each other and the natural world at the same time. Let's explore some family-friendly hiking trails nearby so you can make the most of your family time and create priceless memories.

Mount Hollywood Hiking Trail

This trail is about 25-minutes from Tarzana and it is a sunny excursion that can accommodate every fitness level. Families really love this trail because of the fantastic views, wildflowers, and lots of different paths. This trail is one that can be visited regularly but you have a different experience there every time.

Elysian Park West Loop Hiking Trail

This trail is beautiful and very popular if you intend and very accommodating if you would like to take your dog. It also has a lot of activity options for families, The trail offers a laid-back experience that is pleasurable but won't wear you out. This trail is also good for running or biking if you wanted to include that in your family hiking trip.

Paradise Falls Hiking Trail

This is a short but powerful hike that is a 35-minute drive from Tarzana and Santa Clarita. If sightseeing is your thing, this will be a favorite because Paraside Falls is a sight to behold. This trail is only 1.5 miles round trip and can get crowded at times so it is best to go during the off-hours.

Eaton Cayon Falls

This trail is not too difficult for hiking and is a 45-minute drive from Tarzana and Santa Clarita, CA. Within this trail, there is a 40' waterfall and several areas with open space and beautiful wildflower blooms in springtime. If your kids like playing with water, there are some places where they can splash around and get their feet wet without being submerged.

Franklin Canyon Park

This park is a great place to get away in every sense of the word. Your kids will be able to explore over five different types of natural spaces. Likewise, this includes a three-acre lake, expansive picnic grounds, and over five miles of trails. They also have lots of activity spaces. Check out spots like the Sooky Goldman Nature Center and the Eugene and Michael Rosenfeld Auditorium for an even more interactive experience.