Why Connecting with Nature is Important for Youth Development

Why Connecting with Nature is Important for Youth Development Having your child connect with nature regularly can be a powerful tool for your child's development. Although freely available, it's easy to forget about the crucial role it plays outside of our technology-focused world. Here we will show how connecting with nature can accelerate youth development and give your child a better future.


The first way connecting with nature helps development is by increasing your child's learning and memory capabilities. A 2005 study from the American Institutes for Research found that children who learn outdoors on average score higher in their science studies. 

Emotional Development

Connecting with nature can also decrease your child's anxiety and hyperactivity as they grow. This is something Author Richard Louv discussed in his book 'Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder'.  In the book, he explored more than six studies verifying nature's influence on emotional development. Each study found that children who connected with nature regularly had higher creativity. Additionally, they also had less stress and fewer symptoms of attention deficit disorders. Children of all ages need to connect with nature because it helps them to learn respect and empathy. Penn State says that this will build lifelong skills for your child to act lovingly towards their environment and others. Outside of camp, connecting with nature can be as simple as a walk in the park. Bright HubEducation says that the more involved this "green therapy" is, the better the results.

Critical Thinking Skills

Putting your child in summer camp where they will be around nature gives them more powerful learning experiences and memories. This is because nature uses children's critical thinking skills to explore in a way that a book or screen can never truly duplicate.

Genuine Outdoor Fun

Another reason to put your child in a summer camp with nature? The endless possibilities for fun! Even with all the advanced technology we have, nothing can compete with the fun your child can have in nature. Activities like archery can help teach your child discipline, mental focus, and confidence. Health Fitness Revolution says that Zip Lining can help improve eyesight, burn calories, reduce stress, and give a sense of accomplishment. Rock Climbing, according to First Accent, can help your child's physical strength and mental agility but can also help prevent osteoporosis and arthritis. The bonus? These are all activities that we offer at our Valley Trails Summer Camp. Regularly connecting with nature will help your child learn better, respect nature, and explore the world around them in a unique way. It can accelerate your child's mental development and set them up for a fulfilling life and meaningful relationships.