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I love that my kids come home excited every day to tell me what they did or what new friend they made. With 4 kids it’s hard to find a place where they can all go and be individuals and have a great time! I love that camp helped build their confidence and taught them to try new things. Your program is awesome. My kids on the last day of camp asked when they could go back so you know you all do a great job! Thank you!

We’ve had three wonderful years. Started because I felt it was a safe fun healthy environment. Continue because it is my daughter’s favorite camp hands down; tried others but nothing compares.

It’s outside. We like the old-school camp vibe and activities. Provides physical challenges without too much pressure.

I’m a working city mom. A worrier by heart. “Don’t touch that, don’t climb this, careful over there”. I knew I was being that “helicopter” mom. I knew it was affecting my kids. So, I did some research. I found Mike Stillson (Otter) and Valley Trails. Upon viewing the campus, and talking in depth with Mike, I knew the kids were in great hands, and that this summer camp was exactly what the “doctor ordered” for our family. Here is what the kids received:

Independence. The Great Outdoors. Counselors who care and lead. Friendships formed. Confidence Boosted Tenfold. Old School games/technique to challenge your mind. Engaging Exercise. No Electronics. Learned a bunch of new skills. Safe Guidance.

My daughter, Isabella, wants to be a counselor when she grows up.

Thank you, Valley Trails. For your professionalism, your care and your dedication to providing parents with peace of mind when dropping their kids off every day.

Beth L. / Mom


Since Valley Trails summer camp opened, I have not missed a summer with at least one of my 3 kids attending camp. Because there is something different planned every day and they rotate activities throughout the day, my kids never had a change to get ‘bored’ going to camp!  When I ask them what their favorite part of camp was, they all say, ‘the counselors and meeting new friends.’  Valley Trails is a great way for kids to experience activities they may never have done before and getting outside during summer break.  We will be there again this summer!  I highly recommend this camp to anyone considering it.

Kelly M. 


Summer of 2018 will be my daughters 5th summer at Valley Trails Summer Camp. The decision 5 years ago to send her there is one of the best ones we have made. She comes home happy, dirty and tired. Every day is a new adventure that she looks forward to. When I pick her up, she spends at least 20 minutes telling me about her day and it always with a laugh. She begins counting down “days until camp starts” as soon as school starts each year.

From a parents point, I have the peace of mind that knowing that my child is safe while she is away from me. I have absolutely no reservations about her safety during the day. The camp leaders are an amazing group of young people that are carefully handpicked. At any time, you can drop by VT and you will NEVER find them with a phone in their hands, all grouped together talking. They are always engaged with their group of kids. I also appreciate that all the kids are grouped together by grade and age. She is with kids her own age.

I highly recommend Valley Trails Summer Camp if you are looking for something for your child to do!

Kimberly R. / Mom


My daughter comes home ridiculously filthy and says, “this shows you how amazing this camp is” and, “I want to be a counselor at Valley Trails after I am too old to be a camper.”

Enough said, this camp is the ONLY camp I will feel truly incredible about – no TV, film, technology just good outdoor fun – how it should be – let kids be kids and play and interact with each-other.  From archery, fort building, swimming, giant swings, singing, rock walls, ziplines & art I wish I could also attend. Lori (a mom who appreciates kids getting to know kids not a screen)

Lori L. / Mom


We moved to Valencia on a Friday and Monday morning Beckett was on the Valley Trails bus not knowing anyone but signed up for the entire summer before he started Kindergarten at a new school! To say that from that summer on Beckett was hooked on Valley Trails is an understatement! Not only does he love all the kids that go to camp, but he truly falls in love with all of the counselors. I grew up going to summer camp just like Valley Trails and love that my son gets to have the same amazing experiences that I did. He has now attended 3 straight summers in a row and all his new friends from school are also going since he tells them how great it is. I know every summer Beckett is in the BEST hands and comes home super dirty and tired…just the way summer camp should be!

Racquel / Mom


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