Valley Rails Camp Calendars


TIME WARP – PRE CAMP /WEEK 1 (June 10 – 14)

*This week will be hosted at our SCV Location.  Bus service & lunch will be provided (SEE BELOW)*

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“Time Warp” week at Valley Trails Summer Camp is a captivating odyssey through the decades, offering campers a kaleidoscopic journey across the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, and even a glimpse into the future. The camp magically transforms its landscape, immersing campers in each era’s distinctive sights, sounds, and fashions. Campers groove to the tunes of Elvis and The Beatles, don tie-dye, relish the disco fever, rock out with ’80s glam, and speculate on futuristic trends. Each day is a vibrant celebration of a different decade, featuring era-specific activities, dances, and themed events that capture the essence of the times. It’s a week where nostalgia meets anticipation, creating an unparalleled and unforgettable experience that transcends time itself, fostering a sense of unity and appreciation for the rich tapestry of cultural history.

MARDI GRAS WEEK – Week 2 (June 17-21)

“Mardi Gras” week at Valley Trails Summer Camp is a lively celebration of colors, music, and revelry. Campers immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of the famed New Orleans carnival, donning masks and earning beads as they showcase their infectious spirit throughout the week. The camp transforms into a jubilant playground of creativity, with campers crafting festival masks that mirror the Mardi Gras tradition. As the week crescendos, the highlight is the grand Friday parade where campers march in their dazzling outfits and sharing laughter. The air is filled with the sounds of jazz and cheers as the camp comes alive with the spirit of Mardi Gras, leaving campers with cherished memories of a week filled with camaraderie, self-expression, and the joyous energy of this iconic festival.


SURVIVOR WEEK  – Week 3 (June 24-28)

“Survivor Week” at Valley Trails Summer Camp is an exhilarating adventure that transforms the camp into a dynamic arena of teamwork, strategy, and excitement. Campers are divided into three tribal teams, setting the stage for a week-long journey where they learn the art of collaboration, communication, and resilience. Against the backdrop of the great outdoors, campers engage in thrilling challenges, both mental and physical, designed to test their mettle and forge bonds within their tribes. From building shelters to solving puzzles, each day presents a new opportunity for the tribes to showcase their unity and strategic prowess. The week culminates in a riveting finale where the tribes vie for victory, showcasing not only their competitive spirit but also the friendships and skills they’ve cultivated throughout the week. “Survivor Week” not only imparts valuable life skills but also creates lasting memories of an unforgettable camp experience.


BON VOYAGE WEEK  – Week 4 (July 1-5 / CLOSED July 4)

“Bon Voyage Week” at Valley Trails Summer Camp is a thrilling escapade that transports campers to a new and exciting destination each day, promising a whirlwind tour of diverse cultures and traditions. The camp come alive with the spirit of adventure as campers embark on a daily journey to an unknown locale, immersing themselves in the richness of global diversity. From savoring international cuisines to partaking in traditional dances, campers experience the vibrant tapestry of global cultures. Whether exploring the colorful markets of Marrakech, sipping tea in Tokyo, or dancing to the rhythms of Rio, every day brings a fresh and unexpected destination. “Bon Voyage Week” not only broadens the campers’ horizons but also fosters a deep appreciation for the beauty and interconnectedness of the world, making it a week filled with discovery, curiosity, and cultural celebration.


MEDIEVAL WEEK – Week 5 (July 8-12)

“Medieval Week” at Valley Trails Summer Camp is a captivating journey back in time, where campers find themselves immersed in the enchanting world of knights, castles, and medieval pageantry. The camp is transformed into a medieval realm, complete with towering banners, jesters, and the echoes of clashing swords. Campers engage in thrilling jousting tournaments, showcasing their bravery and chivalry, while Live Action Role-Playing (LARP) brings tales of dragons and quests to life. From crafting their own coats of arms to participating in medieval feasts, every aspect of camp life is infused with the magic and grandeur of the Middle Ages. “Medieval Week” not only provides campers with a hands-on experience of historical traditions but also fosters camaraderie as they navigate the challenges and adventures of this unique and fantastical journey through time.

COLOR GAMES – Week 6 (July 15-19)

RED vs. BLUE!!!  Always the most popular week of summer, it’s time to break into our two teams as we join the fun-filled competition known as Color Games.  Everything will be Red vs. Blue from our field games, pool and water competitions, and so much more.  We will sing, cheer, and chant as team spirit, cooperation, and teamwork are essential.  Our week of competition will conclude with our Color Games Finale on Friday with a day full of competitions and crowning the winner.


GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL – Week 7 (July 22-26)

“Gotta Catch ‘Em All Week” at Valley Trails Summer Camp is a Pokémon enthusiast’s dream come true, as campers embark on a thrilling adventure to become the ultimate Pokémon trainers. The camp transforms into a Pokémon Trainer’s paradise, complete with themed decorations, Poké Balls, and gym badges. Campers engage in exciting activities such as Pokémon battles, scavenger hunts to find elusive Pokémon, and even a Pokémon-themed arts and crafts corner where they can create their own Pokédex or design unique Pokémon cards. Each day brings new challenges and opportunities to catch a variety of Pokémon species scattered throughout the camp. The week culminates in a grand Pokémon Tournament, where campers showcase their strategic skills and bond over their shared love for the Pokémon universe. “Gotta Catch ‘Em All Week” is not just a camp theme; it’s a magical journey that brings the spirit of Pokémon to life, fostering friendship, imagination, and the joy of exploration.


OLYMPIC WEEK – Week 8 (July 29 – August 2)

“Olympic Week” at Valley Trails Summer Camp transforms the grounds into a spirited arena of international camaraderie, where each group adopts the identity of a different nation to compete in a series of traditional and camp-style Olympic events throughout the week. The air is charged with excitement as campers embrace the ethos of the Games, donning their designated nation’s colors and immersing themselves in its cultural flair. From spirited relay races and tug-of-war to imaginative campfire competitions, each event is a celebration of sportsmanship and teamwork. The camp echoes with cheers in multiple languages, and the diverse array of flags waving proudly in the breeze symbolizes the unity fostered by the Olympic spirit. “Olympic Week” is more than just a week of competition; it’s an opportunity for campers to experience the thrill of the global stage while building lasting memories of teamwork, friendly competition, and the joy of shared accomplishment.


Jurassic Week – POST CAMP / WEEK 9 (August 5-9)

*This week will be hosted at our SCV Location.  Bus service & lunch will be provided (SEE BELOW)*

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Get ready for an adventure of prehistoric proportions during “Jurassic Week” at Valley Trails Summer Camp! Campers will embark on a thrilling journey through time as they dive into the world of dinosaurs. Excitement awaits as they channel their inner paleontologists, engaging in hands-on archaeological digs to unearth fossils, bones, and ancient artifacts. Trekking through nature trails, they’ll identify and analyze dinosaur tracks while unraveling the mysteries of these majestic creatures. With a blend of scientific discovery and outdoor exploration, campers will forge unforgettable memories and cultivate a deeper appreciation for the wonders of our planet’s past.



During the engaging weeks of pre-camp (June 10-14) and post-camp (August 5-9), Valley Trails Camp orchestrates a vibrant and dynamic schedule for its campers. Campers can be dropped off beginning at 7:30 a.m. at our Tarzana location.  Commencing sharply at 8:15 a.m., our camp buses embark on a delightful journey toward our secluded haven—a sprawling, private 200-acre facility nestled in the picturesque landscape of Castaic. Here, the essence of fun and excitement awaits our enthusiastic campers, offering an immersive day filled with an array of thrilling camp activities and experiences. As the clock ticks to 3:30 p.m., our camp buses gear up to commence their return journey, bidding adieu to the day’s adventures. Ensuring timely arrival, our camp buses pull back into our Tarzana campus at 4:30 p.m., marking the conclusion of a day brimming with joyous memories and camaraderie.


**Dates:** June 10-14 (Pre Camp) and August 5-9 (Post Camp)
**Departure Time:** 8:15 a.m. sharp from the Tarzana location (AM Extended Camp begins at 7:30 a.m.)
**Destination:** VT Ranch (30910 S. Sloan Canyon Road, Castaic CA, 91384)
**Return Journey:** Camp buses will depart from Castaic at 3:30 p.m.
**Arrival Time:** Back at the Tarzana campus by 4:30 p.m. (PM Extended Camp available until 5:30 p.m.)




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