Tinker Camp

Tinker Camp

The Tinker-Camp at Valley Trails Summer Camp offers a makerspace specialty camp for campers entering K-2 and 3nd-6th grade.  Campers will learn to use various tools and 3d printers to make projects come to life.  Campers will work alongside our makerspace instructors to learn how to use hand tools, electronics, robotics, 3d printers, computer modeling & design software, computer game development software, virtual reality, and new media to design and build just about anything.  At the Tinker Camp at Valley Trails Summer Camp, we live up to our goal every day to inspire and guide campers to be tinkerers, inventors, entrepreneurs, and problem solvers.



Making and Tinkering are Powerful and Empowering Ways to Learn

Makerspace learning helps empower students to shift from being passive consumers of information and products to active creators and innovators.  Our Tinker-Camp curriculum fosters curiosity, tinkering, and iterative learning, which in turn leads to better thinking through better questioning.


Makerspaces Help to Prepare Students for the Future

Makerspaces and STEM programs help to prepare students for the future and ignite a passion for lifelong learning.




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